BioCat, the National Graduate School in Biocatalysis, provides expertise and tools for research and education within the field of biocatalysis in Norway, aimed primarily at PhD students. The BioCat program is funded by The Norwegian Research Council from 2016 to 2024. 

What we do

By creating national graduate schools, the Research Council aims to unite small scientific communities spread throughout the country and increase collaboration between research groups. This creates platforms for technical and academic exchange and training, and thereby improves the quality and the skills of the PhD students.

Biocatalysis is a crucial field in the societal change to a bio-based economy.

It is a field essential to many areas including  biomedicine, biotechnology, microbiology, and (bio)nanoscience. It is also becoming increasingly important to industrial processes and in various diagnostic and gene technologies.

BioCat focuses on the career development of early stage researchers.

It is open to all PhD-students in Norway that use biocatalysis in their research. As of 2020 we have 117 members, 84 of which are PhD students, 27 are postdoctoral researchers, and 6 are master students. 

The Biocat consortium is made up of six universities, four research institutes and the Industrial Biotechnology Network Norway

This collaboration represents a unification of over 50 research groups, providing students great access to expertise, facilities and training in biocatalysis.

How we are organized