General Information

BioCat’s Annual Conference of 2022 will be held at Thorbjørnrud Hotell, about a 50 minute drive from Gardermoen Airport in Oslo. There will be a pre-conference workshop in Scientific Writing with Dr Daniel Soule September 5-7, with the main program running September 7-9.

The conference is open for anyone in Norway working within the fields of biocatalysis, protein science, bioprocessing and related fields, including technicians, PhD students, postdocs, researchers, research group leaders, and professors both from academia and industry.

The Venue

Thorbjørnrud is known as a ‘foodie’ hotel, with their own beer brewery and cheese-making facilities, as well as a garden where they gather some of their seasonal fresh ingredients. Expect simple accommodation with good food, a variety of fun social activities, and spacious conference facilities. Everyone will be able to have a single room at this event – if you prefer to share a room, please let us know.

Shared Transportation

BioCat will cover the flight costs of all participants. Please book your flights through Berg Hansen ASAP and keep your receipts and boarding passes. You can apply for reimbursement after the travel through the DFØ system.

Shared transportation from Gardermoen to Thorbjørnrud Hotell will be arranged by BioCat on both Monday (for pre-conference workshop participants) and Wednesday (for main conference participants) at kl 11.30. Please be sure to book your flights early enough to collect your luggage and arrive to the pick-up point at the correct time. If your flight is delayed and you miss the scheduled bus, contact BioCat and we will help you find a solution.

Most people will depart the conference venue Friday afternoon. BioCat will arrange shared transportation back to Gardermoen on this day at kl 15. Flights departing Gardermoen should be booked from kl 18 onward.

Privately Arranged Transportation

If you prefer to arrive or depart the venue at a different time, there is a shuttle bus (route DX67 or DX6) that runs to and from the airport several times a day and costs approximately 300 nok each way, or 550 for a round trip ticket. DO NOT pay for this service through the VY app. You must pay the bus driver. Feel free to explore these options at your own expense.

NOTE! The schedule has changed slightly for the fall. Please double check the schedule if you plan to take the bus.

The shuttle bus departs Gardermoen on Platform 36 at:

  • kl 8.53
  • kl 12.43
  • kl 16.33
  • kl 20.43

The shuttle bus departs Thorbjørnrud Hotell from the main street at:

  • kl 6.11
  • kl 10.31
  • kl 14.31
  • kl 18.56

Cost and Grant Requirements

The conference and pre-conference workshop are free of charge for BioCat members. The only requirement is that PhD students must submit a poster abstract and present that poster at the BioCat conference. There will also be opportunities for flash presentations (1st and 2nd year PhDs) and longer presentations (3rd year+ PhDs) with personal feedback.

More information