As a BioCat student member, you are eligible to apply for a grant to cover a research visit in Norway or abroad, lasting from one week up to three months.

Important! We are only considering applications for research visit grants from PhD candidates at this time. In the case of limited funds, those PhD students who have shown active involvement in BioCat-sponsored courses and events (particularly the annual conference) will be prioritized over others.

Research visit application form 2023

What is covered:

  • Lodging expenses at a maximum of 10.000 NOK per month for up to 3 months, including any additional expenses such as electricity
  • Travel to and from the destination and any local travel expenses at a maximum of 10.000,- NOK
  • VISA application fees

What is not covered:

  • Dietary expenses/meals
  • Lab devices, facilities, or other research expenses

Research-visit grant procedures

If you would like to have expenses covered for your upcoming research visit, you must apply for approval. Your application must be submitted to BioCat at least one month ahead of expected travel. All documents must be combined into ONE PDF, which can be emailed to the BioCat administration. Please include:

  1. A completed copy of this form, which includes a budget. Note that this is a new form for 2023, and the old form cannot be used.
  2. A statement of motivation outlining the importance of this activity to your professional and/or personal growth
  3. A letter of support from your supervisor.
  4. An invitation from the research group/laboratory to be visited.

You will received an answer on your application as soon as possible. When your application has been approved, you can move forward with booking your trip. Generally you will pay for this yourself and be reimbursed later. Please use Berg Hansen to book your flight and be sure to keep your boarding passes for the reimbursement process. There are several tasks you are responsible for when the trip is over.

  1. Write a post on the BioCat Facebook page about your travel (including pictures) that encourages others to apply for grants.
  2. Compile a ½-1 page report detailing the research visit, deliverable to BioCat administration.
  3. Submit your reimbursement claim. This must be done no later than 4 weeks following travel.

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