If you would like to download a PDF version of the program along with abstracts for printing, you can do so here.

Day 1 – WEDNESDAY 7th of September

Bus from Gardermoen Airport to Thorbjørnrud Hotell
Registration and Poster Mounting
14:30-14:45Opening and Welcome
Session 114.45-16.00
14:45-15.50 Invited Speaker: Johannes Kabisch (NTNU)
Automation and Life? Applied Synthetic Biology for the creation of Microbial cell factories.
15.50-15.55Amalie Skogvold (UiT)
Characterizing Enzymes in The Ectoine Biosynthesis and Degradation Pathway
15.55-16.00Antonia Areali (NTNU)
Engineering of E.coli for a more efficient secretion of recombinant proteins
16.00-16.15Coffee & Snacks
16.15-17.15Poster Session 1 (click here for abstracts)
Odd Numbers
17.30-19.30Social Break
Beer/Wine Tasting at the hotel

Day 2 – THURSDAY 8th of September

07:45-07:50Morning Swim
Session 29.00-10.15
9:00-10.05Invited Speaker: Jane W. Agger (DTU)
Discovery of enzymatic hydrolysis of lignin-carbohydrate-complexes by glucuronoyl esterases
10.05-10.10Ezgi Basavci (UiS)
Investigating the impact of monodisperse PEG derivatives attachment to PLGA nanoparticles for novel 19F MRI contrast agent
10.10-10.15Jan B. Spannenkrebs (NTNU)
Bacillus subtilis spore display
10.15-10.30Coffee & Snacks
10:30-12:30Mandatory: Outdoor Team Building Exercises with Fossen Friluft
13:30-15:30Social Break
Glass Blowing at Hadeland Glassverk
15:30-16:00Coffee & Snacks
Session 316.00-18.00
10 Minute Project Presentations (click here for abstracts)
16:00-16.15Bruna Schuck de Azevedo (UiB)
Structure-based drug design of Pseudomonas aeruginosa’s 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase inhibitors
16.15-16.30Flore Kersten (UiO)
Cryo-EM structure of a fungal toxin
16.30-16.45Greta D. Sandsdalen (UiT)
FISH&CRISPR: Discovery and characterization of CRISPR-associated endonucleases for low-temperature genome editing
16.45-17.00Katja Håheim (UiS)
Divergent Synthesis of Some Indolo[3,2-c]quinolines and Neocryptolepines Containing Promising Biological Profiles
17.00-17.15Lisa Schroer (UiO)
CARNMT1 – The dipeptide Nπ-histidine methyltransferase with a taste for proteins?
17.15-17.30Typhaine Le Doujet (UiT)
Utilizing the gut microbiome of Atlantic cod as a platform for the development of cold-active enzymes
17.30-17.45Yomkippur Perez (UiS)
A Nanovaccine Approach for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
17.45-18.00Zuzanna Samol (UiS/Polypure)
Novel monodisperse PEG-PPG-PEG triblock copolymers as a reproducible drug delivery matrix for neuropathic chronic pain treatment
18.00-19.00Poster Session 2 (click here for abstracts)
Even numbers
19.00-20.00Get ready for the banquet!
20:00-??Dinner & Banquet with Back in Time

Day 3 – FRIDAY 9th of September

Session 410.30-11.45
10.30-11.35Invited Speaker: Peter Westh (DTU)
Characterization and engineering of industrial enzymes that modify insoluble substrate
11.35-11.40Maria W. Hoff (UiT)
Lipid storing Arctic marine bacteria and the Quest to a sustainable bioeconomy
11.40-11.45Marta Hammerstad (UiO)
Structurally homologous but functionally diverse flavoprotein oxidoreductases in Bacillus cereus
13:00-14:30 Social Break
Bread Making at the hotel
14:30-14:45Coffee and Snacks
14.45-15.00Luggage onto Bus
Departure by Bus from Thorbjørnrun Hotell to Gardermoen Airport