Yomki was born in the city of Manila in the Philippines. At a very young age, she started joining international research exhibitions including ITEX’11 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the International Sustainable World Project Olympiad in Texas, USA, where she bagged bronze and gold medals. Yomki then pursued her BSc in Chemistry at the University of the Philippines (UP) where she worked on the synthesis of compounds for organic photovoltaics. She finished her MSc in Chemistry at the Ateneo De Manila University where she researched on metal-organic frameworks for drug delivery. After obtaining her degree, Yomki completed several internships in Japan at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology and Kyoto University, which gave her an opportunity to work on organic synthesis for photonic applications. She also worked for the UP-UCSF joint project as a researcher screening hundreds of plant materials for antimalarial drug leads.

In October 2021, Yomki joined the PAVE network at the University of Stavanger, Norway under the supervision of Prof. Magne Olav Sydnes where she will work on the development of a nanovaccine for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.