As UiT is the administrative seat for BioCat, all reimbursements will be processed through UiT systems.

UiT is very concerned that your personal information is transferred securely. Therefore, UiT students will be using PAGA Web to submit reimbursements while non-UiT students will be using a different, equally safe portal to upload their reimbursement information. Find the section below that applies to you, and follow the instructions.

What is BioCat?

BioCat facilitates career development for young scientists in the field of biocatalysis.

We offer:

  • Advanced courses
  • Workshops
  • Networking events
  • Webinars
  • Travel & research grants

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First, find your code

Your form will require a numerical code so that the funding comes from the right place. Find the code below that most closely fits your activity and have it ready when you fill out your form. If you’re not sure, contact

ActivityExpenses CoveredCode
BioCat PhD CourseTravel, Lodging, Local Transport321500: A32672
BioCat Transferrable Skills WorkshopTravel, Lodging, Local Transport321500: A32673
BioCat Annual ConferenceTravel, Local Transport*321500: A32669 
External Conferences, Courses, Workshops, and Summer SchoolsTravel, Lodging, Local Transport, Registration Fees, VISA fees321500: A32670
International Research VisitTravel, Lodging, Local Transport, VISA Fees321500: A32671 
*Other expenses, such as meals and lodging, are arranged and covered by BioCat directly with the conference venue.

Procedures for UiT students

You must file for travel reimbursements using PAGA Web. It is simplest to do this on campus on a computer already connected to the UiT network, and not from home. If you must do it from home, you will need to first connect to the UiT VPN. The PAGA system is user-friendly, and will walk you through the process. Be sure to have copies of your travel receipts/boarding passes/etc scanned and ready to upload.

Procedures for non-UiT students

This process is fairly similar to the old reimbursement process, where you will fill out an Excel document manually. The biggest differences are (1) that you must include the necessary BioCat codes on the form yourself, and (2) you will upload the document along with your travel receipts/boarding passes/etc to a secure portal, rather than sending it all by email to the BioCat administration. This protects your personal information.

  1. Please download and fill out this Excel form. You can see an example of a properly filled out form here.
    1. Fill in personal information at the top of page one (lines 1-21). 
    2. Line 66 is where you will add the codes from above (BioCat organization number and project number). They can be added to the blank fields on the right side of the page. (ex: 321500; A32672) Please also write ‘Jessica Green’ beside the codes so the finance department knows who to contact if they have any questions.
    3. On page two, specify each leg of your journey on lines 81-93 (flights, train, taxi, etc). If you paid in a foreign currency, provide the exchange rate and the NOK equivalent.
    4. Hotel expenses and other expenses (course fees, etc) should be listed in lines 107 – 127. Remember to provide exchange rates/NOK value and to add the name and address of your hotel on lines 131-132.
    5. The form will automatically generate a final total on page one based on the information you added to page two. 
  2. When the travel claim form has been filled out: print it, sign/date it (lines 70-72), and scan it so you have a signed digital copy.
  3. Then go to the secure portal and follow the upload instructions. Remember to have all documents scanned and ready.