As UiT is the administrative seat for BioCat, all reimbursements will be processed through UiT systems.

UiT is very concerned that your personal information is transferred securely. Therefore, UiT students will be using the new SAP system to submit reimbursements while non-UiT students will be using the online portal Betalmeg. Find the section below that applies to you, and follow the instructions. Please submit your refund claim within one month of the expense accumulation.

Important!! Please use Berg Hansen to book your flight and be sure to keep your boarding passes for the reimbursement process. The boarding passes must be scanned and added to your documents along with the flight receipts. Without these boarding passes, we cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed for your plane tickets.

First, find your code

Your form will require a numerical code so that the funding comes from the right place. Find the code below that most closely fits your activity and have it ready when you fill out your form. If you’re not sure, contact

Important!! These numbers have changed! Be sure to use the numbers listed below and not the numbers in use before 01/01/22.

What is BioCat?

BioCat facilitates career development for young scientists in the field of biocatalysis.

We offer:

  • Advanced courses
  • Workshops
  • Networking events
  • Webinars
  • Travel & research grants

Learn more about Biocat

ActivityExpenses CoveredCode
BioCat PhD CourseTravel, Lodging, Local Transport32150000: 132665104
BioCat Transferrable Skills WorkshopTravel, Lodging, Local Transport32150000: 132665109
BioCat Annual ConferenceTravel, Local Transport*32150000: 132665105 
External Conferences, Courses, Workshops, and Summer SchoolsTravel, Lodging, Local Transport, Registration Fees, VISA fees32150000: 132665106
International Research VisitTravel, Lodging, Local Transport, VISA Fees32150000: 132665107
*Other expenses, such as meals and lodging, are arranged and covered by BioCat directly with the conference venue.

Procedures for UiT students

You must file for travel reimbursements using the new SAP/DFØ system. It is simplest to do this on campus on a computer already connected to the UiT network, and not from home. If you must do it from home, you will need to first connect to the UiT VPN. The SAP system is user-friendly, and will walk you through the process. Be sure to have copies of your travel receipts/boarding passes/etc scanned and ready to upload.

Procedures for non-UiT students

Step One – UiT Registration

For persons not employed by UiT that are entitled to the reimbursement of expenses, the process begins by registering an account at UiT by filling out this form. Please note that not all fields must be filled out. I have indicated the fields you should fill out by highlighting them in yellow, and I have translated them to English for those of you who need.

Once the form is complete, send it to BioCat and we will forward it on to the correct department at UiT.

Step Two – Submit Claim

After you have been registered, you will receive a standardized e-mail with instructions on how to submit your refund claim. This is the step where you will upload receipts and boarding passes, so be sure to have them scanned and ready. The email reads (translated to English) as follows:

«You are entitled to a refund from UiT The Arctic University of Norway. This email will instruct you on how to request reimbursement. You will soon receive an email from DFØ (Directorate for Public Administration and Financial Management), the university’s supplier for payroll and financial services, with details on your personal user account. If you do not receive this email to your inbox, be sure to check your spam filter. You can request a refund of expenses through the self-service portal Betalmeg (can be set to English after login using the small globe in the upper right corner). Here you will find instructions on how to request travel reimbursements or other expense reimbursements through Betalmeg.

The claim must be submitted within one month of the expense accumulation. It is important that you attach all receipts and boarding passes in connection to this refund. If your refund is in connection to travel, select ‘Register travel expense claim’ when you log into Betalmeg. If your requested refund is not connected to travel, choose ‘Register expense reimbursement’. Please be aware that you cannot claim a subsistence/meal allowance.

If you have questions or need help, please contact DFØ via e-mail at or by telephone at 400 18 659. If DFØ is unable to help, please contact UiT at or by telephone at 77 64 45 00.»

You can also contact Jessica at BioCat if you need guidance before submission.