Here you will find a list of around 80 research groups affiliated with BioCat. If you are a PhD student interested in becoming a member, check to see if your research group leader or supervisor is already affiliated with us. If not, ask them to fill out the form found here.

NMBU (10)

Research GroupGroup LeaderContact Info
Biophysical Chemistry GroupMorten Sø
Bioprocesses and BiosystemsVolha
Computational and Physical Biochemistry groupÅsmund Kjendseth Rø
Enzymes in Virulence (EnVi)Gustav
Fungal Proteins for Industrial BiotechnologyAnikó Vá
Laboratory of microbial genetechnology
NMBU Nitrogen Group/Subgroup: Respiratory biology of denitrifiersLinda
Protein engineering and Proteomics GroupVincent
Research group for Bioprocess Technology and BiorefiningSvein Jarl
Siri Fjellheim Research GroupSiri

NTNU (12)

Research GroupGroup LeaderContact Info
Almaas LabEivind
Analysis and Control of Microbial Systems
Biopolymer NMRFinn L.
Cellular responses to DNA damageMagnar Bjørå
Courtade LabGaston Courtade
Food Science GroupJørgen
Gederaas groupOdrun Gederå
Mochado Lab – Computational BiologyDaniel
Morten Rye GroupMorten
Proteomics, Genome dynamics and DNA repairGeir
TGF-β family signaling in cancerToril

UiB (18)

Research GroupGroup LeaderContact Info
Brain Tumour Immunology and Therapy GroupMartha
Brenk GroupRuth
CellnetNiels Aarsæ
Center for Applied BiotechnologyPål
Extremophiles and BiotechnologyNils-Kåre
Grellscheid LabSushma-Nagaraja
Hee-Chan Seo’s GroupHee-Chan
High-fidelity Biomolecular ModellingMarkus
Molecular Bioenergetics and SignalingMathias
Molecular mechanisms of actin-based motilityInari
Molecular Modeling of Protein DynamicsNathalie
Molecular Parasitology, Sea Lice Research CentreRune
Structural NeurobiologyPetro
The Martinez Lab, Biorecognition research groupAurora

UiO (15)

Research GroupGroup LeaderContact Info
Bacterial Cell Surface GroupDirk
Bio3 – Soft MatterReidar
Cancer Proteomics GroupBernd
Krengel GroupUte
Kristiansen GroupPer Eugene
LIPCHEMTrond Vidar
Pål Falnes groupPål
Sekulic group – Structural Biology and ChromatinNikolina
Structural Biology – DNA repairBjørn
Structural Biology and Drug Discovery Group
Structural Redox Biochemistry (ROX) TeamHans-Petter Hersleth
The Chromatome TeamRagnhild
The Epi-Myb groupOdd Stokke
Rafal Ciosk groupRafal
Vascular Pathophysiology LabSandip M.

UiS (11)

Research GroupGroup LeaderContact Info
Ecotoxicology and Environmental monitoring research groupDaniela Maria
ENERGY-SUSTAINABILITY Nexus Laboratory Gopalakrishnan Kumar
Environmental Biotechnology and ModelingIlke
Molecular Cancer Research GroupSvein Bjelland (retired)
Molecular Parasitology & Mitochondrial Biochemistry GroupMark van der
Nanomedicines and intracellular pathogensFederico
Plant Protein PhosphatasesCathrine
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons synthesis group (PAHsynth)Kåre B. Jø
Protein BiochemistryLutz
Ruoff group
Sydnes GroupMagne Olav

UiT (21)

Research GroupGroup LeaderContact Info
Aquaculture and EnvironmentBjørn-Steinar Sæ
Brandsdal GroupBjørn Olav
DNA ligase groupAdele
Engh GroupRichard A.
Hopmann GroupKathrin Helen
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry GroupAbhik
Isaksson GroupJohan
LacZymesHanna-Kirsti S.
Macromolecular Chemistry – Marine DNA modifying enzymesAtle
MarbioJeanette H.
Marine BioprospectingKlara Stensvågklara.stensvå
Membrane Transporters
Microorganisms and Plants Research Group – Plant Molecular Biology SubsectionKirsten
Molecuar Pharmacolog and ToxicologyIngebrigt
Pharmacology research GroupOle Morten
Research for Host-microbe InteractionChristian Lentz/Mona Johannessen/Kristin
Sialic acid groupInger Lin Uttakleiv Ræ
Structure/Function-studies of enzymesIngar
Tumour Biology Research Group

External (2)

Research GroupGroup LeaderContact Info
Amdam Lab (ASU/USA)Gro
Pandey group: Targeting transcriptional addictions in cancer (OUH)Deo Prakash