Spring 2021 courses and other activities

TitleTypeRegistration DeadlineScheduled dates
C11 – Protein NMR IDigital courseMarch 3March 8-10 & May 4-5**
C12 – Protein NMR IIDigital courseClosedApril 12-16
Science illustration with Pina KingmanWorkshopClosedMarch 15-19
Data visualization with Python programming softwareWorkshopClosedMarch 29-30 & April 7
Cryo-EM structures of human RNA Polymerase IIIWebinarMarch 8March 9
SINTEF Industry PresentationWebinarMarch 22March 23
NORCE Industry PresentationWebinarApril 19April 20
Pluvia AS Industry PresentationWebinarMay 11May 10
BIOPROSP_21 – Attend for FreeExternal eventClosedMarch 9-10
Annual BioCat Conference & Pre-conference Workshop in SommarøyaConferenceTBDMay 31 – June 4
*Due to complications stemming from COVID-19, course plans are subject to change. We apologize for any inconvenience.
**C11 will take place in two parts – the first part will be held March 8-10 and the second part will take place May 4-5. C12 will be held in April, between the two parts of C11. Students who intend to take both C11 and C12 this semester will be able to do so following this schedule.
***C10: Protein red-ox chemistry is also scheduled to be held in Spring 2021, but as this course requires on-site presence, final determination regarding its feasibility will be made at a later date.

BioCat aims to arrange approximately 4 credit-based courses per semester. Most courses repeat every 2-3 years.

Student members travel to the university hosting the course for 1-3 weeks, allowing them to network and learn techniques that may not be available at their own university. In corona times, we strive to make as many courses digitally accessible as possible.

We also arrange several non-credited transferable skills workshops throughout the year. These workshops usually focus on improving certain real-life abilities that are important in the academic/scientific world.