Spring 2024 courses and other activities

*If the registration deadline for a course has passed but you still wish to take the course, in most cases it should be possible. Send an email to BioCat.

TitleTypeRegistration DeadlineScheduled dates
C3 – Structural biology techniques (UiO)On-SiteClosedMarch 11-15
C8 – Molecular modeling of enzyme catalysis (UiT)On-SiteClosedApril 15-19
C10 – Protein red-ox chemistry (NMBU)On-SiteTBDMay 27-31
*Due to complications stemming from COVID-19, course plans are subject to change. We apologize for any inconvenience.

BioCat aims to arrange approximately 4 credit-based courses per semester. Most courses repeat every 2-3 years.

Student members travel to the university hosting the course for 1-3 weeks, allowing them to network and learn techniques that may not be available at their own university.

We also arrange several non-credited transferable skills workshops throughout the year. These workshops usually focus on improving certain real-life abilities that are important in the academic/scientific world.