My name is Greta Sandsdalen I am a Ph.D. student at UiT, on the Structural chemistry group at the Department of Chemistry. At UiT I studied to become a science teacher (chemistry and biology). I wrote my master thesis on the design and optimization of a
new expression system for cold-adapted proteins. 

I am now working on an interdisciplinary project: FISH&CRISPR. Our goal is to develop a CRISPR-Cas gene editing system optimized for cold-adapted organisms, with main focus on improving salmon health. My Ph.D. project revolves around finding, purifying and characterizing
cold-adapted Cas endonucleases – the main component of CRISPR gene editing systems.

Topics I would love to discuss: Expression systems, expression of large (150 kDa) cold-adapted proteins, purification of large DNA/RNA binding proteins,
crystallization vs. cryo-EM, design of guideRNA, quality in higher education ++”