Key Information

Next planned workshop: March 28 & 29
Registration deadline: March 22
Location: Online
Workshop leader: Desiree Dickerson, PhD


Students should apply to BioCat using the registration form at the bottom of this page.


Academia is an ultramarathon that we try to run as a sprint. We quickly run out of time and energy and can experience waning motivation, burnout, and a sense of failure. Although the environment certainly plays a role, we as individuals can address the way we approach academia to buffer us against stress and burnout, worry and fear, and the toxic competition we are often surrounded by. A healthier approach to research is possible!

In this workshop:

  • We address the self-sabotaging thought processes that underlie perfectionism, imposter syndrome or worry and learn to reframe them.
  • We identify maladaptive coping strategies (e.g. avoidance and procrastination) and explore more effective (and healthier) strategies.
  • We discuss the need to fill your bucket and why balance in our lives is essential to creativity, insight, motivation, and our ability to deal constructively with feedback and rejection.


Online workshop (mixed live sessions with self-paced learning modules). The workshop includes an in-depth workbook with content and self-guided work. 20 participants maximum. The workshop is run over two half-days, from kl 9.30-12.30 March 28th and 29th.

About the Speaker

As a former postdoctoral researcher in the neurosciences and a clinical psychologist, Desiree has worked at both ends of the spectrum – from (lab) bench to bedside. After working in research in New Zealand, Australia, and Austria, she now lives in Spain and spends her time helping academic institutions and academics themselves pursuit a healthier approach to research:

  • reframing maladaptive thought and behaviour patterns that hinder our performance.
  • developing habits and lifestyle choices that allow us to think, feel, perform and grow with clarity and intention.
  • increasing resilience to highly stressful environments.