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Location: Online
Workshop leader: Mike Young of Mike Young Academy in Denmark


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Workshop on Twitter and LinkedIn for PhDs, postdocs and science communicators

Most researchers use social media, but not many of them use social media strategically or professionally.

In this practical workshop, PhD, Postdoc researchers and science communication professionals are introduced to the systematic use of Twitter, LinkedIn and other more specialized social media and tracking applications. By using these platforms, researchers can find inspiration, network with international colleagues, and improve their own standing in a specific niche field. Participants will be introduced to the finding, producing and sharing of content:

Finding. How to:

  • set up personalized, automated systems to monitor and filter news for specific research areas
  • crowdsource content for projects

Producing. How to:

  • use Twitter to do better networking at conferences
  • engage others in your own research
  • think in recurring social media concepts

Sharing. How to:

  • use Twitter to extend the reach and definition of an expertise area
  • define a researcher as ‘the expert’ on other specialist social media networks (like Reddit)
  • schedule tweets and posts, so researchers can concentrate on what they do best

Improving your research impact through social media

The first part of the workshop is about improving the participants’ impact through social media. Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora can allow researchers to network with other international colleagues around the world within a highly specialized niche area. As a participant, you will learn how to break out of the filter bubble of your own social media newsfeed and open up to new collaboration partners and ideas. The course will introduce participants to the latest techniques and best practices in the tracking and sharing of content on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora.

For each researcher, a personal Twitter/LinkedIn concept

In the second part of the workshop, we will focus on participants’ individual Twitter profiles and try together to couple their individual expertise areas with a social media concept that works. Each PhD or postdoc student will set up a specific tailor-made tracking feed for one of their own fields of interest. We will then discuss how they can share and cross-share, and on which platforms. Workshop participants will receive a written guideline that they can subsequently use for future inspiration.

Practical info: 

Workshops are modified to fit a department or institution’s specific field of research. Mike Young Academy will give individual feedback to researchers based on a prior analysis of accounts, campaigns, concepts and efforts.

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