Key information

Next planned workshop: TBD
Registration deadline: TBD
Location: Online
Workshop leader: Christine Taylor of Storycraft


Students should apply to BioCat using the registration form at the bottom of this page.


How you describe yourself and your research can determine whether you are perceived as an up-and-coming thought leader or a floundering young researcher. It is important to know what to emphasize and how to deliver your story in a succinct and captivating manner.

Storycraft story-telling workshop is an in-depth, interactive workshop where participants will learn the fundamentals of story structure, and obtain the tools to start crafting their own professional story. Participants will practice telling their story and learn an effective method for asking for and giving story feedback. This workshop is designed for academics in particular.

Participants will have the option to schedule a 30 minute feedback session with instructor
Christine Taylor via an on-line meeting scheduling tool (Calendly) if they want to continue
to improve their story.


During this workshop, participants will:

  • Find their story
  • Learn about story structure fundamentals
  • Create a framework for their professional story
  • Learn how to ask for and give story feedback


This workshop will take place over two days: both modules will be held during the afternoon.

  • Kl 13-16 Nov 2nd
  • Kl 13-16 Nov 3rd

During the first session, we will cover story structure fundamentals (including the different types of stories participants can tell about their work), story structure, how to handle details, and the first steps towards developing a research story.

Participants will work on further developing a 3-5 minute story for homework (1-2 hours).

On the second day, we’ll review story structure in the context of PhD students (1-2 year), learn about asking for and giving feedback, and have at least two rounds of storytelling and feedback.

Participants will all have the option to schedule a personal follow-up session (30 minutes) for up to 6 months after the workshop.


This workshop will allow for approximately 20-25 participants.