Wednesday 7th of June

11.30-12.30Departure by Bus from Tromsø Airport to Sommarøy Hotell
12.30-13.30Registration / check-in and poster mounting
14.30-14.45Opening and welcome
Session 1
14.45-15.45Dörte Rother – Tuning multi-enzyme catalysed processes – modular cascade set-up, activity regulation, and integration with microbial and chemical transformations.
15.45-16.00(3) 3-minute student flash presentationsAntonina Areali, Diego Sebastian Reyes-Weiss, Javier Gutierrez-Fernandez
16.00-16.45(3) 10-minute standard presentationsAmanda K. Votvik, Arne Raasakka, Flore Kersten
16.45-17.00Coffee & Snacks
17.00-18.00Poster Session 1 – Even Numbers
Social Break
18.00-20.00Free time (sauna, jacuzzi, beach walk, etc)

Thursday 8th of June

07.30-07.50Morning Swim
Session 2
09.00-10.00Daniel Otzen – Use and abuse of functional amyloid: how to control and direct protein self-assembly
10.00-10.15(3) 3-minute student flash presentationsJuliana M Tatara, Lisa Reinmuth, Mina Bathen
10.15-10.45(2) 10-minute standard presentationsGreta Daae Sandsdalen, Markus Miettinen
10.45-11.00Coffee & Snacks
Social Break
11.00-13.30Team Building (outside)
13.30-14.30Lunch and Poster Mounting
Session 3
14.30-15.30Areej Abuhammad – Structural biology: a personal story
15.30-15.45(3) 3-minute student flash presentationsPhilipp Garbers, Szymon Mikołaj Szostak, Yomkippur Perez
15.45-16.30(3) 10-minute standard presentationsMateu Montserrat-Canals, Rannei Skaali, Robin Jeske
16.30-16.45Coffee & Snacks
16.45-17.45Poster Session 2 – Odd Numbers
Social Break
17.45-19.30Free time (sauna, jacuzzi, beach walk, etc)
19.30-22.30Campfire and pizza on the beach

Friday 9th of June

Session 4
10.30-11.30Stefan Jenewein – Biocatalysis in an industrial setting
11.30-11.45Award Announcements – Best 10 Minute Presentation, Best 3 Minute Presentation, Best Poster Session 1, Best Poster Session 2
11.45-12.45Private Feedback Sessions on 10-minute and 3-minute Presentations
13.45-14.00Load bus
14.00Departure by Bus from Sommarøy Hotell to Tromsø Airport