The conference and pre-conference workshop are free of charge for BioCat members. This includes transportation, the hotel stay, any social activities unless otherwise specified, and meals/coffee breaks organized by the venue. The majority of these expenses are covered up front by BioCat, with the exception of air travel to Tromsø. This must be covered by the participant and can later be reimbursed. Please use Berg Hansen as usual to book your flight, and keep all receipts and boarding passes. If you do not use Berg Hansen to book your flight, and if you do not keep your boarding passes and receipts, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.

Required Poster & Optional Presentations

The only requirement is that PhD students must submit a poster abstract and present that poster at the BioCat conference. There will also be opportunities for flash presentations (1st and 2nd year PhDs) and longer presentations (3rd year+ PhDs) with personal feedback.

Evaluation Committee

Postdocs and PIs may also be asked to participate in an evaluation committee for the PhD posters and presentations. This is not a requirement, but a request. There are no requirements for Postdocs or PIs.

No Application Necessary

You do not need to apply for permission to receive a travel grant for the conference – your registration is enough. If you have already spent your yearly allowance for travel grants and research stay grants with BioCat, that does not count against your ability to receive funding for the conference. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.