Dr. Dorinde Kleinegris is Principal Investigator Microalgae at NORCE, a new and forward-looking research institute. With the Marine Biotechnology group, microalgae form one of the main research pillars. Our microalgae research focusses on the development of commercial and sustainable production chains for the industrial application of microalgae, for various applications such as feed for e.g. aquaculture, food products and chemicals.  Dr. Kleinegris has a background in bioprocess engineering, with a focus on microalgae. Before moving to Norway in 2017, she was senior scientist microalgae at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research / AlgaePARC. The research of Dr. Kleinegris focusses on microalgae strain selection and improvement, cultivation and process design, as well as techno-economic and life cycle assessment studies of the microalgae production chain. Next to scientific participation and supervision in projects, she has strong background in project management, both of EU and national projects as well as bilateral projects with industry.