My name is Gabriela Ruiz Velarde, I am from Mexico and I am a Biotechnology engineer. I completed my Master’s degree in Molecular biology in 2017, from the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of San Luis Potosi (IPICYT). I worked at the Neurosciences Laboratory under the guidance of Dr. Carlos Barajas López. My research focused on investigating the role of enteric glia in the sensorial activity of the gut and the multiunit afferent activity of mesenteric nerves and assessing the impact of infestation by Syphacia sp. parasites on the function of the glial cells in the mechanosensory nerves of the jejunum. I was working with mesenteric nerve recordings during my thesis.

Currently, I am starting a Ph.D. position in the Neurotargeting group at the University of Bergen under the guidance of Professor Petri Kursula. I will be working with myelin proteins, PLP, and DM20, the main objectives of my project are to examine PLP and DM20 structures and characterize protein-membrane interactions with surrounding lipid/lipid membrane by using different techniques such as Cryo-EM, SRCD, and SAXS.