I received my master’s degree from the University of Bologna (Italy) in “Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology”. During my master’s thesis at the University of Oslo (Norway) I focused on analytical chemistry. Specifically, my project involved functionalizing paper support to immobilize proteins and antibodies. The goal was to obtain a smart sampler device for blood, suitable for target protein analysis using Liquid Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry.

Today I am a Ph.D. student at the Norwegian University of Life Science in the Biophysical Chemistry group and at NOFIMA research institute. I work with enzymatic protein hydrolysis (EPH) to obtain tailor-made products from protein-rich biomass derived from meat industry sidestreams. On one side, this includes collagen characterization with spectrometric techniques (IR, Raman, and NMR spectroscopy) and establishing predictive models through chemometric analysis to enable efficient process monitoring. On the other side, I focus on optimizing hydrolysis conditions and developing a multi-step process. Spectroscopy, along with other analytical tools like SEC and SDS-PAGE, is used to assess the most important quality parameters for the final product.