General research interest: My captivation in microbiology and antibiotic resistance grew when I did my master thesis and following research work in the field of mycobacteriology. My research interest involves the areas that address global health challenges, namely bacterial infection, biofilms, antimicrobial resistance, new antibiotic discovery, and personalized antibiotic therapies.

Current project: My current PhD project is focusing on bioactivity assays, mode-of-action (MoA) study, and screening for the mechanism of resistance development of novel antimicrobials. The overall aim of the research project is to develop novel antimicrobial compounds to meet the widespread problems of antimicrobial drug resistance.

Skills I can offer: I have a clear understanding in several microbiology and molecular biology techniques for example cell culture, drug susceptibility testing, transfection, transduction, molecular cloning, reporter assays, bisulfite sequencing, q-RT PCR, fluorescent microscopy, and western blotting. In 2 years, I am going to be an expert in the field of antimicrobial research and drug development and gaining the ability to see science in an advanced manner.