My name is Iris Rami and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Bergen under the supervision of Prof. Ruth Brenk, Pof. Nathalie Reuter, Prof. Vidar Jensen and Dr. Marco Foscato. During my PhD I will adopt an evolutionary algorithm based de novo design method (DENOPTIM) coupled with powerful structure-based methods, namely docking and molecular dynamics, for the identification of prospective drugs against diMicult-to-target proteins.

Regarding my background: My academic journey started in Innsbruck, Austria, where I finished my bachelor’s in pharmacy. Here, I was especially drawn to the fields of medicinal chemistry and pharmacology and developed a strong passion for small molecule drug discovery. This led me to Vienna, where I opted for the master’s program drug discovery and development over the traditional path as a pharmacist. Due to the strong emphasis of the program in computer-aided drug discovery and the strong expertise at the University of Vienna in this field, I was drawn to it as well.