I have a BSc in Biological chemistry and a MSc in Environmental technology from UiS. For my master’s thesis I studied the synthesis of intermediates and byproducts from the industrial production of contrast agents under the external supervision of Torfinn Håland, GE Healthcare, Lindesnes.

Currently, I am completing my PhD in organic chemistry/medicinal chemistry in the Sydnes group at the Department of Chemistry, Bioscience, and Environmental Engineering, UiS. My project includes synthesis of iminosugars with various functionalities to selectively inhibit different glucosidases. These sugars are also assayed for other biological activities, such as antibacterial and antiviral effect. During the PhD I had a five months research visit to the Kylie Vincent group at the University of Oxford (UK) to learn more about enzyme catalysis. More specifically, I worked with enantioselective reduction of imines employing various imine reductases. My goal was to incorporate biocatalysis into the organic synthesis of medicinal compounds.

I will complete my PhD ca. June 2021 and I would very much like to continue working within the field of biocatalysis after graduation.

I am also the UiS student contact for Biocat.