Studying the BSc in Biochemistry from the University in Barcelona it quicly became clear to me that I enjoy approaching biology from its most basic principles. To me, structural biology perfectly represents this basic understanding of the mechanisms of life. In an effort to experience difference fields inside structural biology I did my bachelor and master thesis in very distinct fields of structural biology. I went to Stockholm for my bachelor thesis to work on understanding the dynamic behaviour of ribosomal RNA molecules with NMR spectroscopy under the supervision of Prof. Katja Petzold. On the other hand, after finishing the courses of my MSc in Biomedical Research at Pompeu Fabra University, I went to Prof. Friedrich Förster´s group in Utrecht to work on my master thesis. It was focused on the study of chaperone complexes with cryo electron microscopy. Currently I am doing my PhD at NCMM (UiO) under the supervision of Prof. Luecke, where I am working mainly with membrane proteins and with techniques such as X-ray christallography and cryo electron microscopy as part of an European Commission Innovative Training Network.