My name is Oda Caspara Krokengen and I am 28 years old. I come from Tønsberg (a city 1 hour south of Oslo). I move to Bergen in 2011 and started my bachelor in Nanotechnology in 2013 at the University of Bergen. I continued with my masters at UoB in Petri Kursulas group. I studied specific myelin proteins (P2, P0ct and MBP) in model systems mimics (bicelles and liposomes) in relation to demyelinating diseases such as CMT and MS. I also started a pilot study with nanoparticles. I defended my masters in December 2018. I had a temporary position as a chief engineer in the Neurotargeting group before I started my PhD in September 2020. My PhD research will be a continuation of my MSc where I will focus on the three proteins mentioned together with PMP22, and look at protein-membrane interactions and the synergy between them. The two model system mimics will be used and nanoparticles of silver and silica.