I hold a BSc in Molecular Biology and graduated with an MSc in Biomedicine in 2019. After this, I continued my thesis work as a research engineer in the Neurotargeting Research Group. This then progressed into the current 4-year PhD project led by Prof. Jan Haavik. We have previously generated the first animal model that lacks the enzyme glutamate decarboxylase like 1 (GADL1) and found that it plays an important role in β-alanine and carnosine production, particularly in skeletal muscle and olfactory bulb tissue. Several published findings suggest that carnosine exerts a protective function in neurodegenerative diseases through multiple mechanisms. Hence, we aim to establish the role of GADL1 and carnosine peptides in neurodegeneration. I am currently working with animal models, metabolomics, genomics, and other interesting methods.