I took my bachelor and master degree at the University of Stavanger at Faculty of Science and Technology. My Bachelor of science program was in Biological Chemistry and my bachelor science thesis was in molecular biology and protein biochemistry, with the title: Analysis, induction and purification of the protein DJ-1. My Master of Science program was also in the program of Biological chemistry, but in organic synthesis, with the title: β-glucosylation of α-iodoketones. After my master degree, I started working in the Department of microbiology at Stavanger University Hospital (2011) where I worked with molecular biological identification of microorganisms with qPCR and 16S-sequencing. After two years I was given the opportunity to work in research. I started to work in the Research group for immunology as a laboratory technician (2013), here I worked for a little over one year with more proteomics but also genomics. After this I was given a new opportunity to work with breast cancer research (2014). I then worked for over 6 years (2020) as a research coordinator in the Breast cancer research group. Mainly my work was to run the Prospective Breast Cancer Biobank (PBCB). I then got my current position as a research coordinator at the Regional competence center of alcohol and drug research in western Norway (KORFOR), and now I have worked here almost 3 years. Then I was offered the PhD position at T Omega AS and UiS, which I started 3rd of October 2022.This PhD-work fits my experience well, since it nvolves the fields of organic synthesis, biotechnology, nanotechnology, molecular medicine, analytical chemistry, and ICT. The working title of my PhD is Preparation and evaluation of mitochondrial targeting omega 3-fatty acid derivatives.