I’m Susana, a Spanish girl that enjoys working on research around the world, no matter the place or science. I obtained my MSc degree at Valencia University after a 6 months research placement at Loughborough University (UK).

After some years I performed a PhD in organic/catalysis chemistry from the Taylor group at the department of Chemistry (UK). My PhD thesis was focused on the activation of alcohols using Boronic acids as catalysts and it was held between St Andrews university (Scotland) and Bath University (England).

Currently I’m a postdoctoral researcher in organic/medicinal chemistry in the Sydnes group at the Department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental engineering at UiS. My project is focused on developing light-sensitive moieties that will be used to make antimicrobial compounds.

I’m interested in applying my organic/synthetic chemistry knowledge into a medicinal chemistry and gain expertise in the biochemistry field.