Poster/Oral Presentation Abstract Guidelines

There are two different types of abstracts that will be submitted to the BioCat conference: Poster Abstracts and Oral Presentation Abstracts. The guidelines/templates for these abstracts are the same and can be downloaded below. Please follow the template carefully, including font, sizing, spacing, and length requirements. All abstracts should be sent to with UiO ambassador Natalia on copy ( by August 1st, and indicate whether your abstract is for a poster, an oral presentation, or both. Please be timely with submission.

Abstract Guidelines/Template Download

Printed Poster Guidelines

Those submitting a Poster Abstract will also need to create/print a poster. You will bring the poster along with you to the conference. Posters should be 50 cm wide x 70 cm high in portrait format. BioCat does not cover the costs of designing or printing your poster.

Oral Presentation Guidelines (PPT)

Those submitting Oral Presentation Abstracts will also need to create a digital presentation to accompany your oral presentation. These presentations should be in PowerPoint format and sent to with NMBU ambassador Morten ( on copy by September 4th. Please also bring a copy on USB to the event in case we encounter technical problems.

Our suggestion to those of you doing 3 minute presentations – make an ‘elevator pitch’ presentation.  These are presentations meant to get someone interested in learning more about your research, not to fill them in on everything you have done. Think storytelling. This is a very good skill to have. If you don’t want to design an entire Powerpoint presentation for a 3 minute elevator pitch, that is fine. Just make a Powerpoint document ‘cover page’ with your name, your university, the title of your presentation and maybe some nice relevant graphic to have static in the background while you speak. If you wish to have a visual presentation alongside your 3 minute presentation, please limit your slides to a cover page and 3 additional information slides.

10 minute presentations should, of course, focus more on outcomes, methodology, etc. and should include a multi-page Powerpoint presentation with some detail.


There will be prizes for Best Poster, Best 3 Minute Presentation, and Best 10 Minute Presentation.