Description of Research Group

Our group is interested in structural biology of membrane proteins with 2 main topics: membrane transporters and channels. We are studying APT, a phosphate transporter located in plasts of Toxoplasma gondii (collaboration with K.Fischer, UiT). This protein has been shown to be a good drug target. Our goal is to solve the structure by X-ray crystallography of different conformations of APT, and from the structures design drugs. Molecules that will be identified from in silico docking will be then tested for their inhibition properties. Another topic of the group concern ion channels, with a particular focus on cys-loop receptors which are pentameric ligand-activated ion channels. These channels are involved in neurotransmission. Their structures are solved by single particle cryo-EM.

Technology, expertise and equipment

Crystallography, biochemistry and crystallization of membrane proteins, biophysical methods (ie small angle scattering, thermal stability determination)