Description of Research Group

Our group currently consists of the PI (Falnes) 3 postdocs/researchers, and a newly hired Ph.D. student (Lisa Scroer, who will also join BioCat). The current major research interest in our group is the identification of novel human methyltransferase (MTase) enzymes involved in the introduction of methyl modifications in proteins and nucleic acids, and to address the biological significance of the respective methylations. As MTases are often mutated or dysregulated in cancer, a better understanding of their function can possibly lead to improved cancer treatment or diagnosis. These studies typically involve both biochemical characterization of the MTases, as well as analyses of the respective methylations and their roles in a cellular or organismal context.

Technology, expertise and equipment

Recombinant DNA technology, protein expression and purification, enzyme assays, mammalian tissue culture, including gene knock-out (CRISPR/Cas9), protein interactomics. (Basic) protein bioinformatics and structure visualisation. Extensive use of protein mass spectrometry through collaboration (with Dr. Bernd Thiede and technician Anders Moen).