Description of Research Group

The research group is using modern biophysical methods in combination with structural – and cell biology to answer important questions in the field of chromatin biology. We are particularly interested in centromere – the
part of the chromosome that is governing chromosome segregation during cell division.

Dr. Sekulic’s previous work in the lab of Prof. Ben Black at the University of Pennsylvania has set the foundation for biochemical understanding of centromeres by providing the first high-resolution structure of specialized
histone (CENP-A) that is defining these chromosome loci.

The Sekulic Group are interested in understanding what unique properties of this histone are generating specialized chromatin at centromeres. Further, the group would like to understand the role of other centromere associated proteins and dynamics of their association with centromere during cell division.

Technology, expertise and equipment

Protein purification, protein crystallization, protein-DNA complexes,, X-ray crystallography, small angle scattering (X-ray and neutron), hydrogen-deuterium exchange coupled with mass spectrometry (we are in the process of acquiring the instrument that would be the first of this kind in Norway), biophysical techniques (ITC, DSC, Biocore, MTS…)