Air Transport

BioCat will cover the flight costs of all participants, but you must cover these costs yourself and apply for reimbursement. Please book your flights through Berg Hansen and keep your receipts and boarding passes. We cannot guarantee reimbursement if you do not use Berg Hansen and if you do not keep your boarding passes and receipts. Please contact us at if you have a strong argument for not using Berg Hansen, and must be done in advance of booking. Therefore, forgetting is not a strong argument. You can apply for reimbursement after the travel through the DFØ system using the regular procedures found here.

Shared Local Bus Transport

Shared transportation from the Stavanger airport to Sola Strand Hotel will be arranged by BioCat on Monday September 9th (for pre-conference workshop participants) and Wednesday September 11th (for main conference participants) at kl 11.30. Please be sure to book your flights early enough to collect your luggage and arrive to the pick-up point at the correct time. If your flight is delayed and you miss the scheduled bus, contact BioCat and we will help you find a solution.

Most people will depart the conference venue Friday September 13th. BioCat will arrange shared transportation back to the Stavanger airport on this day at kl 15.30. Flights departing Stavanger should be booked from kl 17 onward, or slightly earlier at your own risk.

Alternative Transportation

The Stavanger airport is only a five minute drive from Sola Strand Hotel. This means that if it is more convenient for you to organize your own transport to the hotel, this should be easy to do fairly cheaply. Please keep in mind that any private taxi/shuttle costs will be at your own expense. It is also possible to walk from the airport to the conference venue.